Nisyros_1 Map Position and Morphology

Nisyros is located in the South East Aegean territory, in the middle of Dodecanese complex.
The largest part of the island is mostly mountainous areas, compiled from volcanic fossils and large rock formations, created by old volcanic eruptions, which formed numerous craters along the island.
Nisyros’ volcano is the youngest active volcano in the area of Greece.
Nisyros’ geologic and tectonic structure benefits the presence of underground hot water springs that are utilized for healing purposes(thermal springs).


Mythology – History

Nisyros was formed during the Giants’ Century, when Poseidon, the God of the Seas and Oceans, took responsibility to kill Polyvotis, that defeated and pursued by Poseidon, is crossing the Aegean Sea to find a shelter.
Somewhere near Kos, Poseidon reached him, detached a small part from the island of Kos, threw it against him, and crushed him. And that’s how Nisyros was formed.



The Daily Tour

The one-day visitor that reaches the island, mostly from Kos, arrives at the island by 10.30 in the morning and returns by 15.30 in the afternoon, does not have the required time needed to enjoy all of the island’s beauties, landcapes and sights.
But by renting a car the possibilities are limitless, and everyone has the ability to enjoy their vacations to its fullest. We advise that type of visitors to begin their island tour from the Volcanic Museum of Nikies, which is the farthest destination. Returning to the mainland, they can explore the volcano’s caldera and live the experience of an active volcano in its craters. The next destination is Emporios, a traditional small village of Nisyros, where you will have the ability to see and use the natural sauna and witness the majestic and panoramic view from the volcano. Reaching the seaside village of Palloi, you can discover Thermiani, the Christian Temple with the hot springs. Our next destination is Palaiokastro, whis is one of the bast saved ancient Greek Forts. Our last and closest destination to the mainland is Mandraki, Nisyros’ capital, where you can explore the graphic, tiny backstreets and the Temple of Panagia Spiliani.
For the visitors planning to spend the night in the island, we suggest visiting the volcano during the morning hours, enjoy the sunset from Palaiokastro village, relax in the thermal springs, and swim in the island’s finest beach, Pachia Ammos, but also visit our pebble-full beach, Chochlakous, and alongside taste the traditional recipes and dishes of Nisyros.


Outdoor Festivals

The island of Nisyros, respectfully pays honour to the traditions and the customs of its history, dating back in the past from the early ancient years, and takes care in the organization of numerous outdoor festivals throughout the whole year, in which you can enjoy local dishes and traditional cuisine, and have the experience of a lifetime with the locals, singing and dancing together till the first morning light, something that will make your vacation extraordinary!

  1. Tuesday after Easter(moving Holiday) – Evangelistria(noon)
  2. 1st of May – Panagia Kyra (noon)
  3. 26th of July – Agios Panteleimonas – Avlaki
  4. 14th of August – Panagia Spiliani & Panagia Kyra
  5. 15th of August – Panagia Kyra (noon)
  6. 15th of August – Panagia Spiliani
  7. 22nd of August – Panagia Kyra
  8. 23rd of August – Panagia Kyra (noon)
  9. 7th of September – Birth of Saint Mary – Emporios
  10. 13th of September – Stavros – Argos
  11. 25th of September – Agios Theologos – Nikia
  12. 8th of November – Taxiarchis – Emporios (noon)
  13. 21st of November – The Entry of Saint Mary – Nikia