Nisyros Bus Tour

Nisyros Bus Tour | Rent a Car | Manos K.

Do you want to visit our beautiful island with your friends, colleagues, family or with a group of your loved people and seeking for the best way to move around Nisyros? Manos K. – Rent a car Nisyros now offers you a unique experience with our bus excursions!

MANOS K. TOURS plans your daily bus excursions in Nisyros, both for residents as well as visitors & tourists, visiting Nisyros by boat or plane, or even their own yachts! So, no matter how you will reach Nisyros, or how many people your group consists of, we will take care of your moving in Nisyros, with safety and comfort with our planned bus excursions!

We are able to host school excursions, group excursions and plan every moving to Nisyros’ various sights and stops for hiking or biking. We are able to host bus excursions in Nisyros both for large or small groups, so this gives you the freedom to visit us all year long, with your group of friends, without worrying for your moving around, or the bus excursions you want to experience!

With our full and fully renewed fleet of vehicles in Nisyros, we plan your moving for marriages or local festivals, with the best buses and always the most polite and friendly staff for an experience and vacations you‘ll never forget! You will be able to admire the local sights of Nisyros, with our experienced local drivers, moving safely from spot to spot, and live Nisyros, in the best way possible, with your bus excursion!